Comfortis for Dogs Flea Control Treatment

Elanco Comfortis for dogs flea control tablets are one of the best flea treatments available in Australia. It’s active constituent is spinosad which is fast working when given monthly as a single dose. Where can you buy Comfortis for dogs at the cheapest and best price online other than here at Mammoth Pet Supplies. Comfortis flea prevention tablets are available in the following canine sizes: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown. Comfortis is safe for use in small dogs and puppies from 13 weeks of age. Side effects are rare. Unfortunately, unlike vs frontline, generic comfortis for dogs does not kill ticks, and is not for cats. To find out if Comfortis is suitable for your dog, check out our ultimate flea comparison reviews article here. For more information, visit the Elanco Australia website


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