How To Toilet Train A Puppy

Follow these guidelines to make house training easy

24 July 2018

Knowing how to toile train a puppy is one of those crucial aspects of owning any new dog. The best time to begin toilet training your new pup is when it is around 8 weeks of age. At this age, you can teach your puppy where to eliminate before it establishes its own preferences. If you pup is a little older, don't worry, they will still learn, it may just take a little longer.

The main times that a puppy will want to go to the toilet are after it wakes up, after play sessions, and 15-30 minutes after meals. Stay with your puppy during these times and closely monitor them for signs of impending elimination. Signs that your pup may be thinking of going to the toilet include sniffing the ground and circling around an area. A normal puppy will need to use the toilet around 6-8 times a day.

During these times, you can train your pup to go to the toilet on command. If you repeat the same phrase such as "go to the toilet" or "do wees" every time your puppy eliminates outdoors, it will learn that this phrase means that it's the right time and place to do their business.

Once the puppy eliminates outdoors, immediately reward them - praise them, give them a treat or play with them. This must be done outside as soon as your puppy goes to the toilet, not once it comes back indoors.

When you can't supervise your puppy, the best option is to put them in a puppy crate.

If your puppy has an accident in the house, don't punish them, and do not go and get them and rub their nose in it! This doesn't do good as the bad behaviour has already occured. Instead, try to catch the puppy in the act. If you see the puppy getting ready to go the toilet make a noise or startle the puppy by saying "outside!". The puppy will likely stop what it is doing, and you can take it outdoors to go to the toilet.

It is also important to feed your puppy at set times every day. Don't leave food out all day. Once you have given the food, allow the pup to feed, then remove the bowl after 20 minutes. This will create regular times during the day that your puppy will need to go to the toilet.

You can also make the process easier by using a number of great pet products designed to aid in housebreaking your pup. The aristopet housebreaking aid and the four paws wee wee post are two such products which will teach your pet where exactly you would like it to go to the toilet. For indoor use, drytech puppy pads and four paws wee wee patch are also a popular option.


Aristopet Housebreaking Aid


Most puppies can be succesfully housebroken by 14-20 weeks fo age. Consult your vet, or send our vets an email at if you're having difficulties and would like to find out more info about how to toilet train a puppy.