Heartworm treatment for dogs is an important part of any pet preventatives program, for both adult canines, as well as puppies. Heart worm is spread via mosquitoes so control  via the way of heartworm medicine for dogs is crucial for your pet’s protection and prevention of this deadly disease and it’s symptoms. Without heartworm medicine, treating for heartworms once they become established is complicated and also not cheap.

There are many generic heartworm medications for dogs used for heartworm prevention. Some meds are available as daily pills, others monthly chews, and also tablets or liquids. Some also are combined with other parasite control such as the worming, flea and heartworm in one treatment like Sentinel. Most heartworm medicine for dogs in Australia is available without a prescription, so no prescription is required when buying these from our online store.

If you’re asking “Where can I buy” all of the best dog heartworm treatments available, and all at the cheapest prices online in Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

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