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The Best Female Dog Names & Male Dog Names

By on 24 October 2013 click here to comment

When it comes to picking dog names for your new pet, whether it be female dog names, or male dog names, it is almost as tricky as naming a human baby! My wife and I had this very quandary when our daughter was born only a few weeks ago. We were throwing around ideas for a long time, but it wasn’t until the very last minute that we decided exactly what name we should give. This was in part because we wanted to see her in person first, to make sure her proposed name “suited” her. Giving dog names is a very similar process, although the dog names themselves can be quite different sounding to human ones. When choosing boy dog names and girl dog names, there are a few guidelines you may want to consider: Keep dog names short and sweet Dogs respond well to short commands. Think of “sit”, “stay”, “come”. Most of these are 1-2 syllables, and to get the bes... continue reading